Friday, August 12, 2011


we were in university when we became friends
we made a packed we'd be friends till the end
playing n studying around together
next thing we know we'd be adults

Telling secrets, talking about boys n girls
Growing up, getting rid of all our mind
Talking to each other on the phone
Knowing that we'd never be alone

And even when we had our fights
Some how we knew everything would be alright
Yup, sure we had our ups and downs
We shared our smiles and our frowns
I don’t know what should I do
If you weren’t my friend
I don’t think my heart
Would ever mend

I hope you know I always have your back
Just like you’ve had mine
And it will always stay that way
Until the end of time

I thank God bcoz I got friend like you
that we got to spend together
our friendship I will always Treasure!
So I just wanna say thanks
Thanks for being my friend

I always love you guys
even I did not msg, call n meet you
I still remember all of you
sometimes it's better for us to be silent for a while.



nurfatehah yaazahan said...

saya pon sayang kawan2 saya....
btw like entri hok ataih nie :)

eiey farisya said...

i pun loike gitu..haha